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Impressions of Using ChatGPT / ChatGPTを使ってみた感想

Posted Apr 08, 2023 | Updated Dec 23, 2023

Today, I tried out the paid ChatGPT Plus and I believe it has sufficient performance to be used for style conversion of text. Particularly in Japanese, where there is a need to rewrite styles based on the “relationship between the writer and the reader” and “politeness,” I think ChatGPT handles it well.

On the other hand, I don’t think large language models like ChatGPT are suitable for tasks that require obtaining accurate information, such as using Google to search for “What is an apple?” This is because these models learn not just knowledge, but the structure of language from massive amounts of data. I understand that when we feel like ChatGPT has knowledge during a conversation, it is likely due to the expression or structure containing some underlying knowledge that presupposes a certain understanding of the language.

One of the tasks that ChatGPT struggles with is providing the latest information. I believe this is because it requires a tremendous amount of computational power for training, and the learning process cannot keep up. Additionally, as mentioned above, since the model learns the structure of language from text found on the internet, it may be slow to learn about subjects that have little information available online.

By the way, this article was created by writing the original text in Japanese, which is shown below, and then translating it into English using ChatGPT. Translation is a type of style conversion, which is a task that ChatGPT is good at. However, does this English version sound strange to you?

今日有料のChatGPT Plusに登録して触ってみたが、文章のスタイル変換に使うには十分な性能を持っていると思った。特に日本語においては「書き手と読み手の関係性」「丁寧さ」によってスタイルを書き換える必要があるが、ChatGPTはよく対応で来ていると思う。